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Easel is a starting point for all paintings. In order to start drawing, you would eed to place one in the world, put canvas on it by right-clicking with canvas in hand. A simple right click will open the easel UI. You would also need to put a palette into special slot. Shift-right click with empty hand will retract canvas from easel.


Paints are used to create or recharge a palette.


Palette is necessary for drawing on a canvas. When placed in easel's UI special slot, the colors will appear. For your convenience when painting multi-canvas artwork, you can use a single palette on multiple easels and your colors will be saved with the palette. Once the palette bar is low, you won't be able to continue drawing. You can keep the colors and recharge it by combining with paintings as shown above.


Canvases are an intermediate home for your artworks. They are visible when put on easel with right-click, but when it's done it's better to make a painting from canvases by using artist table. You'll see combined canvases preview there.

Artist Table

Artist table allows you to make paintings from canvases by combining and signing them. In order to combine canvases, put them in rectangular shape in crafting grid. If the shape is correct, painting preview will be updated. If painting preview is not visible and the output slot is empty, the shape is incorrect. Supported painting sizes listed below.



An actual painting, result of your work. It's created only by signing a canvas. To sign a canvas, right-click with painted canvas in hand, enter name and press sign. You can also copy existing painting with recipe below.


Wooden Frames

Basic frames are made from wood, sticks, leather and nugget of your choice. You can use any vanilla type of wood, and you'll get different frames depending on what type of wood was used. If you use gold nugget in crafting, the frame will additionally have a tiny golden plate, and the name of the painting will be shown when you right-click the painting.

Framing and Un-Framing Paintings

In order to put painting in a frame, you need to combine them on the crafting grid in any order. You can always get your painting back from the frame. To do that, just put the framed painting on a crafting grid. You can take the frame back, and un-framed painting will appear in the crafting grid.

Special Frames

Iron Frame

This frame doesn't have thick bezels around your painting, so you can put several of those one next to another o create a huge painting, more than 4x4 or just get rid of bezels. It's 1px thick, as vanilla painting is.

Golden Frame

This is golden frame, which is much thicker than others and has a luxury look. It has inlaid emeralds, which are required for crafting. Doesn't have a nameplate by default, see below;