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These statements are not legally binding. This page provides short explanation of the terms of use and some details about intended usage of this service.
Zetter is named after Kristoffer Zetterstrand, author of the original Minecraft paintings.


Let me explain some details about Zetter Gallery

First of all, Zetter Gallery is not some kind of legal entity, and created & provided solely by a single person so far. This adds some complications, but we'll talk about that later.

Zetter Gallery is created with single purpose — let people to create and share their artworks in a wonderful game called Minecraft. Advertising or selling things is not a purpose of this service.

What about copyright?

I do not claim exclusive or ownership rights on your artworks by any means. Your work is owned by you and no one else. However, for the sake of being safe legally, I use very similar licensing to the sites like Instagram, DeviantArt or 500px. That means I am able to show and distribute your work.

Important notice: if you at any time would like to remove your work from Zetter Gallery, you are free to do that. But there's no mechanism to retract paintings from players' servers, and no guarantees that it will be implemented. I am not responsible for what people might do with your paintings.

Things happen that someone might steal your work. That's bad because only you can decide where your work might appear. If that happened, please, contact me on Discord or email copyright@zetter.gallery, providing some proof that you own the work.

What about moderation?

I understand that art means different things for different people. Also, I understand that different people would prefer to see different things. With this in mind, I came to a conclusion: the moderation will be performed, perfectly, by community moderators. Our rules won't be censoring anything specifically, rather creating a 'ratings' for paintings.

I keep the right for moderators to retract or just deny your painting, if the content is very disruptive. I understand that its vague definition, but hopefully, the paintings will rarely be straight discarded. Instead, according ratings will be applied before approval. Those rating may include things like Gambling, Nudity, etc. — you can see the whole list at your player preferences page. This list is subject to extension, and the defaults will be rather 'family-friendly'. This by no means that this mod is good for kids, any kind of online activity needs parental guidance.

Moderators can make mistakes and discard or wrongly rate painting. Please be understanding that it's just people who put their free time for everyone's good. Be patient and talk to us if that happened.

I strictly recommend this mod and service only for legal age players. Registering here without reaching legal age should not be possible by Microsoft oAuth rules and breaks ToS.

What are the complications?

I am just a human being. I won't be able to protect your work in court or do any complicated legal stuff regarding copyright. I resign from any responsibility for the things going on here, in a reasonable range. For own safety I would assume good intentions from anyone making a claim.

Can I contribute?

Yes! Well, partially. Zetter and Zetter Gallery mods are licensed under MPL2 and open-source. The front-end part of this service is also MPL2 and open-source. The API, however, is closed-source. This is because of my security concerns and because I would like to build a player base and avoid early forks. This, however, will likely be changed closer to release of 1.0 mods. I can open repository to particular contributors who proved their positive intents and have sufficient TypeScript/Nest.js skills.

Thank you for reading. Feel free to talk to me if you have any questions.