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Hotkeys are keyboard shortcuts that should make your work easier and quicker. Learning them will improve your experience a lot.

Pencil tool
Brush tool
I or hold Alt
Color picker tool
Bucket or fill tool
H or hold Space
Hand tool
- or _ or mouse wheel down
Zoom out
= or + or mouse wheel up
Zoom in
Ctrl + Z
Undo: cancel last non-canceled action
Ctrl + Y
Redo: restore last canceled action
Up arrow
Use palette slot above the current one
Down arrow
Use palette slot below the current one
Swap color: use palette slot next to current one.

Console Commands

Export command

If you would like to share your work outside Minecraft and do not want to use Zetter Gallery, you can use a special export command. This command will allow you to save your painting to PNG file to your game folder or to server folder.

/zetter export [client|server] [painting]

The first parameter is target for exporting. Typically, you most likely need to use "client" parameter, so the painting will be saved to your Minecraft folder, the same place where screenshots and texturepacks are located, in a new "zetter" directory. If you are a server operator, you can make use of "server" option: that way painting will be saved only in server directory root under "zetter" directory. If you are playing in a single-player world, the result will be the same, but for dedicated servers "server" result will only be accessible to the people who have access to the server computer file system.

The second parameter is painting lookup rule. It could be either the name of the painting you are looking for in double quotes, like "My Painting", or you can refer to your painting by its numeric ID. Another option is to use its canvas name, typically it's a string like zetter_painting_14 (14 is the numeric ID).

Restore command

Losing results of your work can be devastating, when you put a lot of love in it. It is especially devastating if that is happened because some guy uploaded ill-tested version of the mod and some terrible bug happened... oh well. For that reason, Zetter does never remove a painting (though it could be blocked by server admin, but not removed unless physically deleted), and there is a special 'Restore' command, which can be used as following:

/zetter restore [painting]

Instead of [painting] you should use the title of your painting, like "My Painting". But you can also use painting id (number) or even canvas code, if you're more into technical stuff. This command should give you a copy of the painting if it was found by provided parameter.

Keep in mind, though, that this only applies to the signed paintings. Non-signed canvases can be easily lost forever or overwritten by Zetter when canvas item is removed from the world. So remember to sign your painting when you're done and avoid using easels as a decoration if the result is important to you.