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Painting Merchant

To start trading paintings, you will need to find a villager and change their occupation. In order for a villager to become a Painting Merchant, they should have an assigned bed and Artist Table block nearby this bed. Refer to the Minecraft wiki to see how villager occupation works.

Painting Merchant Room

Trading paintings

After logging in and loading of current painting feed, you will see an unusual trading interface.

Combine Mode instruction image
1) Painting preview & info
Shows currently selected painting on the left, and it's info on the right. Info includes painting name, author's nickname and size in blocks.
2) Offer count
Shows amount of painting in current feed and current position.
3) Previous & next buttons
Press those buttons to switch the current offer. Up for previous offer and down for next.
4) Account
Shows current authentication state. When using anonymously, Log In button will appear. Pressing it will show prompt to authenticate on this site. If you logged in successfully, your nickname will be shown instead. If you do not see this button, it is likely that chat links are disabled in Minecraft, or the server you are playing on is banned.
5) Offer price
Shows how many emeralds you should place in sale slot to get a painting. In sale mode, show how much you will get: popular artists are getting more emeralds.
6) Sale slot
Place your emeralds here. Now. Jokes aside, you can also place your painting here if you are logged in, to submit your painting to this website.
7) Result slot
When the offer is fulfilled (you have enough emeralds or your painting is validated), get your result from that slot. It could be painting or emeralds here.
8) Update countdown
Because offers are updated every 5 minutes, you have limited time to purchase the painting in offer. Do not worry, when time will run out, this button will turn black, and you will have 1:30 to finish what you planned. You can also manually update offers by clicking this button when it's black.
9) Feed icon
This just shows which algorithm was used to bring this painting to you. For example, this can be a star if this painting is available only to you, as you added it to your favorite paintings on this website.
Logging in helps us to work better and prevent feed manipulation by bots and trolls. Please always log in if you have an account.

Logging in

Log in prompt message

If you are using Zetter Gallery mod for the first time, you will be prompted to log in when pressing on the account button.

Log in prompt message

By default, you can open links in Minecraft. If you do not see this button, you would need Minecraft to allow you to open links. It can be done in Main Menu -> Options -> Chat Settings -> Links.

To log in, you would need the Internet connection and Internet browser on your computer (you 99% have this if you are reading this article). When you click on the link, you will be offered to proceed to the login page on this site. Check that domain is correct (zetter.gallery).

If you haven't logged in on this site, you will be asked to log in with your Microsoft account. Please check carefully that the URI in your address bar is zetter.gallery and read the message on that page. This will help you to secure account. Do not enter your Microsoft password outside of Microsoft websites.

After that, if you logged into your account, you will be prompted to allow the Minecraft server you opened the link from to use your Zetter account. Check that it's the correct server and press allow if everything seems alright to you.

About feed

Feed is ever updating list of paintings, available for purchase (download) from Painting Merchant. With small number of paintings the feed is not very useful, but its main goal is to always have some interesting paintings for you to choose from.

The feed is updated every 5 minutes and populated with trending, top and new paintings, if present.

Also, you can use stars on this website to mark paintings you find interesting. Those paintings will have higher changes to appear in your personal feed, that is available for purchase only to you.