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About Zetter Project

What is Zetter

Zetter is a Minecraft mod for creating paintings in Minecraft. It allows players to draw paintings in game with tools-rich and easy to use UI. Paintings can be combined for up to 4x4 blocks, wrapped in a frame and put on the wall.

Whether you want to make your virtual home more comfortable, add some thematic posters or painting, or just fool around - it's a great addition to the game.

Check out Zetter mod wiki page with recipes and manuals

What is Zetter Gallery

Zetter Gallery is a mod and a place to share your Zetter artworks with the world. With Zetter Gallery mod, the Painting Merchant is added, that allows you to upload and download popular paintings on Zetter Gallery

Check out Zetter Gallery mod wiki page with recipes and manuals

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Share your ideas and know about the updates first! We also look for community managers and moderators who can rate paintings.