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Zetter Gallery Logo
Please use the same Microsoft account you use to login into Minecraft.

You are going to allow Zetter Gallery to view your Minecraft account

Why do I need that?

We need this to make sure that you have access to the player account that can be used for submitting paintings. This allows you to have personal feed with your favorite paintings and check your paintings stats.

This is also used track what paintings you download in order to keep feed relevant. Do not worry, we keep your activity data only for a week.

How to make sure I am safe?

Good you asked! Always check the domain in your browser when writing passwords. On this step, you can be redirected to "zettergallery.onmicrosoft.com" or "login.live.com" first if you're not logged into microsoft account. If domain matches, everything is alright.

Requesting login link

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Thank you for paying attention.